Though doctor-patient relationship in recent times has gone through a major shake-up, there are still few cases, wherein patient look upon doctors as a divine hand. Here is one such real story. The patient here is a 35-year-old lady, Seema (name changed) from Banglore. Her normal married life got hugely disrupted 8 years back when her husband met an untimely death leaving behind him their 3-year-old daughter. Meeting both ends got tougher for Seema. With no help from any quarter, the daily struggle for the survival for the sake of her own daughter led Seema to many uncharted territories of the wild world. And one day she landed in the dark, gloomy dungeon of the red-light areas of Mumbai.

Within a year in the brothel, Seema was tested HIV positive. She started taking treatment for it. But her CD4 count, indicating her immunity, got worse. During the same period, Seema got a tumour in her genital part. The worst fear came true when this tumour on her private part was diagnosed as cancer.

Seema left her the brothel and started wandering in the big city of Mumbai, for the cancer treatment. She went from one hospital to another but met rejections everywhere either due to her HIV or financial inability. One day, she met a cancer surgeon Dr Sanket Mehta, who referred her to Gynecology Department of K. J. Somaiya Medical College and Hospital.

Seema was admitted under the care of Gynecologist Dr Pundalik Sonawane in K J Somaiya Hospital. A well-known cancer Surgeon Dr Sanket Mehta and a plastic Surgeon Dr.Amiti carried out a tedious surgery for Seema. Dr Pundalik Sonawane and his team took utmost care of Seema after the surgery. The cancerous growth was completely removed from her private parts. Seema was discharged after 24 days of hospital stay, during which she recovered fully. To further relieve Seema of any financial troubles, the entire cost of the surgery was borne by the hospital.

Seema left the ward of  K J Somaiya Hospital with the immense sense of gratitude towards doctors and the staff of the Hospital. While leaving the hospital, she bowed in reverence for the divine help, in front of the statues of gods at the entrance of the Hospital. The joy and the satisfaction of Seema and many such patients. while leaving the Hospital, has remained one of the most effective reasons for the doctors and the staff of Somaiya Hospital, to continue on their path of the service of the humanity.




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