Tiny steps – a big step forward

Pinky was three year, old suffering from (Cerebral Palsy) when she was referred to K J Somaiya Hospital Physiotherapy Department in 2014. The developmental delay caused by a difficult delivery meant that at 3 years she was only able to roll independently.

One of five members of a family, with a father who had polio and was the sole earning member of the family; the poor socio-economic status meant that the family could not afford physiotherapy rates. Sensitive to the situation at K J Somaiya Hospital she was given the maximum concession.  The mother was afraid that her child would not be able to sit, stand and walk independently as soon as possible.

 The team began her treatment using advanced neuro-developmental techniques to help her achieve trunk control and transitions. Gradually the child started sitting independently. Treatment also included play therapy, ball exercises and exercises to train walking.

 Pinky, who was not able to do anything apart from rolling in 2014, started sitting independently and transiting from one place to another by bunny hopping in 2015, and by 2016, she could stand and walk with support.

By 2017, she can walk independently.

 The team looked beyond the treatment of the child to also counselling the mother during the times she was overwrought by her emotions as her concern regarding the child’s progress increased, which was aggravated by the non-cooperative relatives.

 Says Pinky’s mother “ I am very thankful to the entire Neurophysiotherapy team. Today my daughter is able to walk only because of physiotherapy.  My family members also praised the entire Somaiya physiotherapy team.”

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