A young professor learns to walk again.

Aditya Garg, 26, a Maths professor in Xavier College and the only earning member of his family, suffered a massive stroke on October 7th, 2015 and had complete paralysis of his left side of his body.

Post Craniotomy, he was treated at a private physiotherapy clinic, but with no noticeable improvement, complete paralysis of left side of his body and wheelchair-bound he sought help from K J Somaiya Hospital’s neuro-physiotherapy department. He feared that he would never be able to walk or do his daily activities independently again making him depressed and an introvert.


Aditya had a huge infarct so along with cognitive issues, there was a complete loss of voluntary control. His mental state added to the challenge.


Aditya began treatment at K J Somaiya Hospital neuro-physiotherapy department in December 2015. His treatment included advanced neurological approaches and techniques to improve control of his left arms, legs and face, exercises to improve his sitting balance, and training him to stand in parallel bars were taught successfully.

Progression was done by training him to walk, as well as exercises to improve his higher functions and cognitive status. Cycling, walking on a treadmill, transfer training and simulation of teaching and writing on board were part of his treatment.

 In just two months, with great efforts put in by him and the physiotherapy team, Aditya  started walking with the help of a stick and performing all his daily activities independently.  In October 2016, he resumed his job.

Determined to get him back to his feet completely, the Physiotherapy team, continued their efforts and by November 2016, Aditya was walking without the help of a stick in November 2016 and by July 2017 he has started travelling by train to his workplace.


Being paralysed at the young age of 26, for Aditya, the only bread earner of his family, it was an emotional trauma too. He became depressed and introvert. Understanding his mental state, and the importance of his state of mind, the physiotherapy team, constantly encouraged and motivated Aditya. Aditya was interested in sports, politics and so the team discussed these topics with him. Further by keeping realistic goals in his recovery at every stage and inspiring him towards a positive outlook they helped him overcome his emotional challenges.

Says Aditya Garg “ I would say physiotherapy has played a major role in my recovery this far. Dr Priti Agni and her team have worked very hard on me to help me recover and inspired me to get better. I remember the day I first came to Somaiya in a wheelchair and in quick time with efforts of all physiotherapist I was able to come on my feet. The physiotherapists have always worked wholeheartedly on me (sometimes their lunch got delayed.). Physiotherapy has definitely helped me recover by leaps and bounds. I know the extent of damage which was caused my stroke because I had a large infarct in my MCA. But the physiotherapists have helped me recover greatly. Hats off to Somaiya team!”

FUTURE PLAN: The plan that Aditya should be able to resume his job and travel independently is achieved. Now, the next goal is to perform hand functions successfully.


Dr Priti Nisheet Agni (PT) Assistant Professor, Neuro Physiotherapy Department, K. J. Somaiya College of Physiotherapy

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