Healthy tips for fasting on Janmashtami

Eat healthy a day before Janmashtami
One must be smart while choosing the foods that they wish to consume, a day before fasting itself.
It is recommended to choose foods that can help the digestive system on the fasting day. Consuming foods that are too spicy or greasy can lead to acidity on the day that one observes the fast.


One should consume lots of water on the fasting day. Water can help to boost up ones body’s metabolism and also keeps one hydrated throughout the day. Water also plays an important role in keeping the stomach satiated and neutralizes all the acids.

Eating fruits

This health tip will be really beneficial if one is allowed to eat fruits while fasting. Eating fruits like Muskmelon and Watermelon
which have high water content will keep one energetic all day long. Fruits also provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the body. One can also choose to have a glass of milk or make a healthy smoothie with the fruits they like.

Do not feast with fried foods

This is especially important while breaking the fast. People tend to stuff themselves with heavy meals. This can lead to health problems like indigestion and weight gain. It is best to avoid eating heavy or oily foods when you break the Janmashtami fast.

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