Using Ice or Heat to relieve pain

Using Ice or Heat to relieve pain

Ice and heat are natural ways to relive pain. Experts generally recommend up to 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

You can apply ice and heat in lots of ways.

Ice packs: Frozen peas or corn, ice cubes in a baggie or frozen gel pack. You can ice beyond 48 hours until swelling, tenderness or inflammation are gone.

Ice massage: For icepacks to use on awkward areas like the elbow or heel, freeze water in paper cups, and massage the tender area until it’s numb. (Best for targeted icing after injury)

Cold masks: Place a cold mask, available at drugstores, over your eyes or lay a towel soaked in cold water over your forehead and temples.

Moist heat: Enjoy a bath, shower, hot tub or whirlpool using warm, not hot, water

Heating pads: To avoid burns, remove heating pads if the area becomes uncomfortably warm.

Use caution on areas with decreased sensation if you have neuropathy (from diabetes or another condition)

Always ask a doctor for advice before any treatment at home.

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