Physiotherapy after Spinal Cord Tumour Surgery

On 22nd November 2016, 26 years old Pravin Thar ( Name changed) had a sudden onset of paralysis of both his Lower Limbs. He was diagnosed with a spinal tumour and was operated for the same on 28th November 2016 in KEM hospital. After the operation, he was started on physiotherapy

Pravin working as a Computer Operator, came from a humble family of four members, three of whom are fishermen by profession. Paralysis in both legs and having to use a urine bag, Pranay feared that he would never be able to walk travel independently or lead a normal.

After two months of physiotherapy at home, there was no progress in his physical condition- at which time he came to K J Somaiya Hospital for Physiotherapy.

With the financial challenged he faced, buying orthosis and crutches was not possible for the family. Dr Veena Krishnanand got in touch with the Paraplegic Foundation who sponsored the orthosis and crutches.

Depressed and pessimistic with the lack of earlier success in his treatment, constant encouragement and motivation were the mainstay of the treatment. With Psychological counselling, achieving realistic goals and inspiring him towards a positive outlook, the physiotherapist team helped Pravin overcome emotional challenges


  • Pravin’s Treatment included Neurological techniques to improve control of his both Legs, transfer techniques, techniques to improve sitting and standing balance.
  • In 15 days, he was able to stand with the support of a walker and eventually was able to walk independently with a walker.
  • Due to the core and pelvic floor exercises, he was able to feel and control urine. Hence, his urine bag was removed.
  • Then his treatment progressed to Pre-crutch training, training to walk and balance training with Axillary crutches.
  • Constant encouragement and motivation continued during the treatment. Once the patient could walk independently with crutches; stair climbing with crutches and endurance training, cycling was started.
  • Community ambulation; getting in and out of rickshaw; walking uphill and obstacle crossing was also trained.


  • When Pravin was admitted in February 2017 he was on a wheelchair
  • March 2017 he was able to stand and take a few steps
  • April 2017 he was walking independently with a walker
  • May 2017 he was walking independently with crutches and
  •  June 2017 he was able to climb staircase; walk long distance; transfer independently and do his daily activities independently.

    He took discharge in June 2017 and is following up on an OPD basis.

    Says Pravin ” I had been treated in another hospital and also with private physiotherapy, but I am completely overwhelmed by the treatment provided by    DR. PRITI AGNI and her team at K. J. Somaiya Hospital. It is because of the constant encouragement and motivation by DR. PRITI AGNI and her team that I am able today to walk independently. I am very thankful to the entire team.”

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